Different Ways To Register Tools on Dockstore

There are 3 major ways to register tools on Dockstore

There is no clear cut answer for determining which is the best way to register tools on Dockstore. Many factors affect it. Below is merely our a suggestion, so feel free to register tools on Dockstore whichever way you prefer.

Registering many tools or only a few?

  • Very Few
    • Use the Dockstore website. You just need to manually create the GitHub and repository (if they don’t exist). If you’re using as the image registry, you can simply “Refresh All Tools” on the Dockstore website. Otherwise, you can manually register the tool.
  • Many
    • GitHub and image registry repositories already made for each tool?
      • Yes
        • Are you using for your image registry?
          • Yes
            • Use either the Dockstore webservice or website. You just need to refresh all tools. All of your tools should automatically register on Dockstore.
          • No
            • Use the Dockstore webservice so you can programmatically register and publish all tools.
      • No
        • Use the Write API webservice and client. After some setup time (getting GitHub and tokens, setting up service, etc), it allows you to programmatically create GitHub and repositories on the fly, and then register/publish them on Dockstore.

Generally, Write API webservice and client has the highest setup time compared to the other methods of registering. But, as you register more tools, the Write API tends to become the better choice (since it performs many intermediary steps for you).