Dockstore 1.9.0

Highlighted new features include:

  • Preview feature for Galaxy workflow support
  • Performance improvements for a large variety of endpoints
  • GitHub app support in preview to allow for automated update of workflow content
  • Implementation of the TRS v2 final standard
    • TRS v2 beta standard support is deprecated, but still present
  • Capture of file and docker image checksums from GitHub,, GitLab, and Docker Hub on workflow snapshot to support immutable workflows (see breakdown for details here)
  • Support for linking ORCID profiles to Dockstore user profiles
    • Currently displayed in organization and stargazer views
  • A large number of usability improvements and fixes to the user interface
  • Partial API migration from swagger 2.0 to openapi 3.0 for the Dockstore API
  • Improved language plugin support so it’s easier for Dockstore to support additional languages (like Galaxy)
  • A large variety of security updates and bug fixes

As always, see our full list of changes on GitHub

Breaking changes


None intended


  • If upgrading the Dockstore CLI, our Dockstore script has changed and should be downloaded anew from the onboarding wizard
  • The CLI refresh command will be broken until you update to CLI version 1.9.