Dockstore 1.10.0

Highlighted new features include:

  • GitHub app support for filters to allow for more control over which tags and branches are automatically reported to Dockstore.
    • More details here.
  • Ability to select a specific version of a workflow or tool when adding them to a collection (“I vouch for specifically version X of workflow Y”).
  • Update support for cwltool from 1.0.20190621234233 to 3.0.20200807132242.
  • GitHub apps patches for more reliable processing of automatic updates.
  • Performance improvements for large repositories with lots of branches and tags.
  • Performance improvements for GA4GH TRS implementation.
  • Initial phase of a more consistent visual experience for the site.
  • Behind the scenes:
    • A large number of deployment and architectural changes to facilitate better security and regulatory compliance.
    • Updates to elastic search and angular.
  • A significant number of bugfixes for everything from WDL parsing, UI display issues, editing of hosted workflows, and command-line interface fixes.

See a full list of our changes on GitHub.

Breaking changes

  • None known


  • None intended


  • None