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Our code lives on GitHub at dockstore/dockstore and dockstore/dockstore-ui2.

Dockstore is an open platform used by the GA4GH for sharing Docker-based tools, workflows, and services. For tools and workflows, we support Common Workflow Language (CWL), Workflow Description Language (WDL), Nextflow (NFL), and Galaxy.

If this is your first time learning about Dockstore, we recommend starting with the Getting Started Guide. This will introduce you to the core concepts of Dockstore, leaving you with a good understanding of the platform. However, if you are simply looking to launch tools and workflows, we recommend going straight to the End User Topics or our quickstart guide.

Getting Started

Videos (tutorials & presentations)

Best practices guidelines

Advanced developer topics

Topics for advanced users who have already completed our getting started guide.

Note that not all features are available in all workflow languages. It can be worthwhile looking at Language Support to see what features are available to you.

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collaboratory       oicr       ga4gh       ucsc

Workflow Languages

cwl       wdl       nextflow       galaxy

Works With

sevenbridges       terra