Dockstore integrates with MyBinder, an online notebook environment based on BinderHub, allowing you to launch notebooks from Dockstore to Here is some information on what that looks like from a user point of view in a mini tutorial.

Launching to MyBinder

On each notebook’s public Dockstore page, you will see a “Launch with” button on the right. When you press it, the currently selected version of the notebook will be launched.

Public notebook page

When a notebook is launched, MyBinder reads requirements.txt and other configuration files from the source GitHub repository and uses them to build a kernel image. This kernel image contains the specified software packages, backs the notebook environment, and is cached, making subsequent launches faster.

Starting repository


MyBinder is a non-profit, and its compute resources vary over time, causing launches to sometimes fail during periods of high load. In the event of a failure, you might retry later, or donate more servers to MyBinder.

After MyBinder builds the kernel image, it loads the notebook into a Jupyter-based interface:

Notebook in MyBinder


  1. You cannot save to GitHub using the MyBinder interface. To commit a notebook to a repository, you must use the File > Download feature to save the files locally, then commit them to the repo using git, GitHub, or a similar tool.

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