User Created

User Created Projects

Of course, the Dockstore team is not the only ones that write code or documentation to work with CWL tools and Dockstore. Here we list some user-created projects that make it easier to work with Dockstore in various ways


Out of the Cancer Genome Project at the Wellcome Trust, Sanger Institute, this project makes it easier for users that are familiar with Packer to work with tools and images registered on Dockstore on OpenStack.


Miguel Vazquez has been leading the docktesters group. This is a group that is in charge of testing the PCAWG(PanCancer Analysis of Whole Genomes) tools and workflows. As a part of this work he created a series of scripts (linked above) that demonstrate how to get data and run through all of the PCAWG analysis in sequence.

Alignment pipeline tutorial for the Pan Prostate project

Tutorials and documentation are always appreciated as well! The following tutorial demonstrates how to run the Pan Prostate pipeline and how to work with Dockstore tools (normally using Docker images) using Singularity.


A utility that exports precisionFDA apps to Dockstore, creating Dockstore tools complete with Dockerfiles and CWL descriptors.

Run Dockstore apps on the (Seven Bridges) platform

A tutorial on how to export CWL tools from Dockstore and run them in the SevenBridges platform.

Use Case Posters

As Dockstore gains traction people are showing how they are using it in posters for various conferences. Feel free to create a fork and add yours.