Dockstore 1.0

September 14, 2016

This date marks the launch of Dockstore 1.0. This release combines the release of several Pan-cancer workflows, tested as standardized CWL 1.0 CommandLineTools along with several new features including support for CWL 1.0 in Dockstore itself and preliminary support for the GA4GH tool-registry-schema.

New Content

Three new workflows used to generate the ICGC PanCancer Analysis of Whole Genomes (PCAWG) dataset have been released and validated with CWL 1.0.

These are:

  • DELLY structural variation

  • Sanger somatic calling

  • DKFZ SNVs, indels, copy number

These workflows join the first workflow used to generate this dataset, BWA-mem.

Highlighted New Features

  • Support for the preliminary GA4GH tool-registry-schema 1.0 will allow Dockstore to share and exchange tools with other similar projects around the world

  • Upgraded support for CWL 1.0 (previously draft-3) allows Dockstore to display and launch tools

  • Dockstore launcher (which allows you to run tools locally on one host) supports file provisioning based on CWL secondary files. See Sanger for an example

  • Default branch/tag support allows tool developers to pin a particular version of their tool to display to their users