Dockstore 1.2 Release

April 19, 2017

The latest Dockstore major release includes a large number of new features and fixes. A subset of highlighted new features follows.

Highlighted New Features

  • Support for private tools

  • users can register tools where users will need to ask the original author for access

  • Support for private Docker images hosted in GitLab and Amazon ECR

  • Allow users to star tools and workflows

  • Stargazers page to show all users who have starred a particular tool or workflow

  • Support for file provisioning plugins

  • Better error messaging passed along from a newer cwltool version

  • Compatibility with a Write API service for programmatically adding tools

Breaking Changes

  • The default Dockstore install no longer includes S3 support. Instead, S3 support is provided by a plugin that can be installed via dockstore plugin download

  • The command dockstore tool launch used to use --local-entry as a flag to indicate that --entry was pointing at a local file. Now, it replaces --entry. i.e. use dockstore tool launch --local-entry <your local file> rather than dockstore tool launch --local-entry --entry <your local file>

  • Update your cwltool install, details in the onboarding wizard