Dockstore 1.7.0

September 26, 2019

Highlighted new features include

  • Snapshotted versions and DOIs - Versions can be snapshotted to freeze them at a particular point in time - Zenodo integration allowing publishers to create DOIs for snapshotted versions

  • CWL launch with CGC (Seven Bridges)

  • Language support updates
    • Support for WDL 1.0 tools and workflows

    • Support for CWL 1.1 tools and workflows

    • Cromwell update from 36 to 44

  • Migrated documentation to readthedocs (same URL)

  • When not logged-in, the home page will better introduce new users to Dockstore

  • CLI now tested with (and recommending) Java 11 and Python 3

  • Closed beta feature

See a full list of our changes on GitHub

Breaking changes


  • none intended


  • while workflow launching should be unaffected, metadata editing through the 1.6.0 CLI will no longer function till an upgrade to the 1.7.0 CLI

  • Improved parsing code and support for WDL 1.0 means that some previously invalid tools and workflows should now be valid (or vice versa) - A refresh of the tools and workflows is required to redo validation

  • My Tools and My Workflows links are now in account dropdown