Upcoming Features

May 5, 2017

To give you a taste of what we’re working on for the next major version of Dockstore, we’re looking at features in the following main areas:

  • Searching!

  • As Dockstore grows, we’ve noticed that our current solution for searching tools (go to Tools or Workflows and type in the search box) is becoming less useful. Look for more useful ways to search and filter tools and workflows in the next version

  • More ways to launch tools and workflows

  • We’re working with partners to promote new ways to run CWL and WDL tools and workflows

  • UI rewrite

  • We’re currently migrating our UI from AngularJS to Angular (2), watch for performance improvements and usability improvements in this area

  • Write API Web Service and Client!

  • With just a CWL descriptor and Dockerfile, this allows you to programmatically create GitHub and Quay.io repositories and then register and publish the tool on Dockstore in just 2 commands. Publishing tools on Dockstore has gotten a lot easier. See GitHub for more info on how to use the Write API. See this doc for information on different ways to register tools on Dockstore and when to use this Write API.

As usual, we’re open to suggestions. If you have one or if you spot a bug, drop us a line on GitHub