Dockstore 1.2.5

July 11, 2017

Visit our new forum. Discuss tools, tooling, bioinformatics cloud computing, etc. This will replace both the private OICR-based mailing list and the Disqus integration that we’ve been using to provide discussion and commenting on tools respectively.

Additionally, our hotfix release (with a few hidden features to be formally released later) includes fixes for the following:

  • File provisioning changes to support GA4GH-DREAM workflows including whole directory provision

  • Fixes for workflow parameter json creation and CWL download

  • Several file provisioning fixes based on user feedback

  • Issues saving workflow test json files

Breaking Changes

  • We needed to clear out unpublished workflows to do some clean-up. Let us know if you had anything important stored in unpublished as opposed to published workflows.

  • Potentially breaking, if a destination is not specified for a particular file, by default we will provision it to the current working directory after a warning

See more details on GitHub.