Dockstore 1.3.0

October 30, 2017

We’ve just released the next major version of Dockstore!

Highlighted new features include a:

  • search interface for quickly locating tools by keyword, author, labels, organization, etc.

  • search niceties such as search term autocomplete, an advanced search, and a tag cloud highlighting significant terms

  • updates for our CLI development environment to use cwltool 1.0.20170828135420 and cromwell 29.

  • our deployment environment is now fully described by Docker Compose allowing developers to spin up a private version of Dockstore including 1.3.0, 1.2.10, and search

  • integration with

  • user requests such as the ability to allow for more exotic Dockerfile names and a reorganized tutorial for users of tools and workflows (as opposed to tool and workflow developers)

  • and a bit of inside baseball, we migrated from Angular 1 to Angular 4 as a foundation for future improvements

See a full list of our changes on GitHub.